Marketing to the Max

Patients are leveraging their access to the medical industry now more than ever through internet research and physician reviews. This patient behavior has in turn created more competition in the field. The message to medical leaders: it is not enough to just market anywhere in the medical industry. It has become increasingly important for medical professionals and community hospitals to invest their marketing spend wisely.

So how do you choose with so many marketing options available? And how do you keep your marketing cost effective while maximizing your ROI?

Which marketing solution is the best for me?
Image Source: recently completed a case study to discover which forms of marketing are most effective (measured by phone calls and website visits generated) for community hospitals. The study’s findings indicated that internet advertising is the most economic form of advertising and often the most effective at generating the best ROI. Second is TV (though most expensive), print next in line, and radio the least effective in garnering patient response.

While it can be daunting to choose your internet marketing medium(s) (i.e. Social Media, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, etc.), it can also be the most rewarding if done right. As mentions, just putting an ad on Google or Yahoo! will not generate the results you are looking for without the right software and guidance to manage the ad.

This is where we can help you! And the great news is that outside of e-mail and search engine browsing, heathcare/health information is the most searched topic on the web according to Junto Health. 

The real truth, then, is how can you afford to not market online?

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